“Natural” Cereal that’s easy on the bank account!

Breakfast is definitely the most challenging time of day for me.   Ideally, I would leap out of bed in the morning and whip up a breakfast of fresh fruit, oatmeal, homemade pancakes, or the like for my kids.  In reality, that almost never happens.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that did happen.   When I do make a breakfast meal, we usually have ‘breakfast’ around, oh, 11am.

11 am  breakfast doesn’t fly with my kids.  The littlest one especially wakes up ravenous.  I’m thankful to have found an easy breakfast alternative for them that’s not laden with artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose syrup.  Equally important to me is that this cereal is CHEAPER than the ‘normal’ stuff, even for most of you hard-core couponers!

Mom’s Best Naturals currently has a $1/2 Mom’s Best coupon available on their website, and the cereal was on sale this week at Kroger for $1.50 per box.  Kroger runs this sale pretty regularly and I wait for the sales to stock up on cereal.  With the coupon and sale, each box is only $1!  That’s a stock-up price for regular cereal, much less a ‘natural’ kind!   I’ve found Mom’s Best at Walmart and Kroger; Kroger has a larger variety and generally better prices on it in my area.

Have you tried Mom’s Best Naturals?  What do you think?