My *current* favorite easy meal

I’m always looking for quick, easy, healthy meals for my family.  Who isn’t??  🙂   My current favorite is chicken breast smothered in cream of mushroom soup with a steamed veggie on the side.    Make sure and catch my note about soup below…

It’s SOO easy.  Thaw the chicken (I use organic chicken breast), toss it in a pan and cover with cream of mushroom soup, and cook at 375 for about 45 minutes.  Easy and Done!

My take on soup:  Regular soup has MSG.  Grrr.  And it can definitely be a challenge to find soup without MSG in it.  Walmart is no help.  However, Super Target, Whole Foods (and I’d imagine, Sprouts and Central Market) do carry MSG-free soup.  I stock up on cream of mushroom soup while I’m there and have been happy with the brands I’ve found at Target and WF.  The WF store brand was especially yummy and I was satisfied with the price point.

Enjoy a quick easy meal!