Memorizing a Deck of Cards? Super Foods That Make it Possible!

Did you catch the Dr. Oz show where the guest, Dave Farrow, memorized a deck of cards?  He’s featured in the Guiness Book of World Records for memorizing 59 DECKS of cards.  That’s mind-boggling!

He attributes his success to the food that he eats!   I’m encouraged that he eats simple foods that would be easy to incorporate into our diets.

His #1 food is Beets.  Beets have been shown to lower blood pressure and increase the flow to the brain.  Beets can be delicious to juice along with an apple and a couple of carrots.   You could also chop up beets finely, toss them with coconut oil and seasonings, and bake them in the oven.  They come out nice and delicious!  Add some sweet potatoes to the mix for extra yum and health factor!  (Eclectic Institute also offers freeze-dried Beet Juice in a capsule if you’d rather go that route.)

#2 on the memory champion’s list is Cashews.  Many people with memory problems are low in thiamine; cashew are a great source for it!

$3 is Avocados.  Eating avocados has been shown to reduce the hardening of the arteries.  Hardening of the arteries has been correlated to decreased brain function.  Avocados are a great source of Vit K, good fats, Vit E, and folate.  Dave Farrow recommended starting with 2 per week to introduce them to your diet.  He eats them daily now.  Guacomole is a favorite way to eat avocados.  Dave suggested using avocado in place of mayo in tuna or chicken salad.  Yum!

Dr. Oz also recommended Bacopa Extract.  Bacopa extract is an herbal remedy from India that has been shown to dramatically increase brain function and concentration in studies.  Have you ever tried it?   Do any of you watch much Dr. Oz?

What’s your favorite thing to eat to boost your memory?