How to Neutralize the Danger of Smartphones & Watches


I have a pretty awesome brother (and nope, he didn’t pay me to write that).  He works for Apple, and he won an Apple Watch at his job for good performance.   He suspected that it was the tool I didn’t know I needed, and correctly guessed that I would never buy one for myself.

I was so thrilled to receive it, but also cautious.  I have a healthy respect for the amount of EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) that are emitted from the devices that we call carry around!    EMF’s have been linked to all sorts of brain issues and illnesses.  Learn more here:  Is EMF Exposure Really a Big Deal?

I’ve explored several different ways to protect ourselves from EMF’s, and would still love to find a whole-house protector.  If you know of one, please comment and share!

Through my research, I found a necklace that I can wear that is very effective at neutralizing the EMF’s.  It not only neutralizes them, but alters the frequency so that it’s beneficial for our bodies!

I have shied away from many crystals because they so often have New Age ties and are associated with witchcraft.  I started my search for a crystal with this in mind and wasn’t sure I could even find a “clean” one.    I’m a follower of Jesus and so it’s really important to me to not have anything to do with witchcraft.

A long time friend has a spiritual gift of being able to see things in the spiritual realm.  Angels, demons, that sort of thing.   He can tell some pretty incredible stories.    During my search for a good EMF protector, I sent him a couple pictures of the two  crystals I liked best.   The first one totally revolted him.  He said it was covered in maggots, which is associated with witchcraft!

The second one got a thumbs up from him though.  He said it was totally clean.   Yay!!!    I ordered it, and when it arrived, did a little muscle testing to see if it was actually effective.  I tested negatively with both my watch and my phone when I wasn’t wearing the crystal.  That means that those devices are having a negative effect on my body, wearing it down and making it more susceptible to disease.   With the crystal, I actually tested positive!    I tested a friend as well, just for verification, and she had the same results!

I’m thrilled to be able to wear my watch – I find it a really helpful way to disengage from my phone and still able to screen my messages and respond in a time-appropriate manner.

I got my EMF pendant from Corinne Allen, who runs Brain Advance.  She offers seminars on healing the brain, and I’ve learned a lot from her teachings.  I really enjoyed her cd’s on Raising Your Healing Vibrations (and they’re on sale right now).  She offers great teaching on energy medicine from a Biblical perspective.

Be safe in our techy world!!