Bunny Love…

Bunny love

My sweet girl loves to cuddle.  She’s 7 now, and still fairly insatiable.  She’s one of those kids that would still be in the Ergo, if she’d fit.   I started keeping my eye out for cats on Facebook and showed my hubby a few pics…to give her something to cuddle.   But while I like cats, I don’t like litter boxes, scratched furniture, or incessant meowing.   Therefore, I was still on the fence about actually getting one.

Right before Christmas, I got a surprise email from my mom.  It went something like, “I’m going to get a bunny for Sweetheart.  Want to go with me?”

Lol.  I thought she was joking at first.  Bunnies as pets were NOT on my radar.   More to spend time with my mom than anything, I went with her (and somehow end up driving??  Well played Mom, well played).

We met a sweet gal who raises mini Lion Lop bunnies, and the one she showed us was definitely cute.  Still with no idea what I’m getting into, we paid her for the bunny and took him home.  (For the record, I highly recommend researching pets before you get them.  Being a responsible pet owner and all that.)

This little bunny won our hearts very quickly.  He is truly a cuddle-bunny, and he loves our Sweetheart.  He sits on her lap for an hour at a time and just…cuddles.  She can even flip him over on his back and he’ll lay there, completely relaxed.

Check out the oh-so-relaxed Cookie:

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We’ve had him for 3 months now and he has continued, on the whole, to be terrific.  We had a bit of a bunny learning curve in the past couple weeks, when he didn’t want to be picked up.   I got a little scratched up.  🙁  A friend steered us in the right direction, and just by picking him up in a hand towel, thus fully supporting his hind end, he is quiet and happy.   Lesson learned: pick up the bunny with a towel.

Other friends give their bunnies the run of the house.  Ours still leaves little bunny droppings around and the diaper I bought from etsy doesn’t stay on… so he goes back in his cage when we’re finished holding him.

As for the care particulars, he eats a LOT of lettuce and loves sweet potatoes.  He also eats rabbit food. 🙂  We clean out his litter box in his cage every couple of days, and he’s really good about using it.  Way to go keeping your cage clean, Cookie!

My summary thoughts – if you’re looking for a sweet pet for your kids, consider a rabbit.   You can even adopt them!