BPA in Canned Foods

A recent study showed that people who eat canned foods have 1,221% higher BPA levels than people who ate fresh foods!   Wow!   I knew canned foods had a potential for spoilage and bacterial contamination, but I still felt like they were rather a safe fallback if the ingredients were decent.

Fredrick vom Saal, PhD, an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A refuses to eat canned tomatoes.  He says that the acidity from the tomatoes causes the BPA to leach into the food and ONE tomato can has enough BPA to affect you.

BPA is linked to reproductive problems like suppressing sperm counts as well as diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  It also has been shown to cause chromosomal damage in the eggs of animals.

Once again, a fabulous reason to steer clear of prepared foods as much as possible.  One friend keeps a bowl in her fridge, and just tosses her leftovers into it.  After a few days, she creates an absolutely delicious stew.  Fresh, and free of BPA!

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