Best Organic Turkey Prices!

Turkey sales are everywhere these days, but tracking down an organic turkey can be a bit tougher if you didn’t order one from a local farmer ahead of time!

Jennifer at Healthy Life Deals has rounded up the best prices on organic turkeys – happy saving!

In Stores:

Whole Foods Markets:
Larry Schultz Organic Turkey – $3.49/lb
Nature’s Rancher Vegetarian Fed, Hormone and Antibiotic Free Turkey – $1.69/lb

Organic Free Range Turkey – $2.69/lb

Kroger Stores:
Organic Turkey – $1.99lb

Online (online prices are pretty much always going to be more for food):

William Sonoma – Organic Turkey (12 lb) – $89.00 ($7.42/lb)
Organic Prairie – Organic Turkey 14lb $69.49 ($4.95/lb)
Blackwing’s – Organic Pasture Raised Turkey 12lb $47.70 ($3.97/lb)

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