Baylor Shout-out: Healthy Food Choices

At a recent stop at our alma-mater to catch up with some college friends and visit the bears, we grabbed lunch in the SUB (student union building) and I was actually impressed with the food choices!  I expected to quickly walk through with the kids and then head off campus to find quasi-healthy munchies elsewhere.  A quick perusal told me we’d be just fine in the Baylor cafe.

Our array of choices included Naked Juice, Odwalla, Odwalla bars, fruit cups, Chick-fil-a, and Mooyah burgers with avocados and mushrooms!   (I really enjoyed the burger. :)  )  Mooyah even had a fancy computer system where you used a touchscreen to order your food.  Times have certainly changed since I was in school!

Way to go Baylor in making strides to fend off the freshman 15!

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