Back From Brazil!


It’s been rather quiet around here for the last few months.  We spent an amazing and challenging 10 weeks in Brazil and just returned home a few days ago!   We were privileged to spend time with a couple of different Amazonian Indian tribes and hold a month of training for leaders in a smaller town.   We also had a few days off to play in a Brazilian river (that did not have anacondas, crocodiles, or piranhas), and to feed some small monkeys!

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from our adventures!

Schoolkids from a Terena tribe
My husband (on right) with a friend & a Terena chief
D sharing with the schoolkids
A house in the Terena's where we stayed



We’re happy to be back and I’m looking forward to having time to post for you again!  Coming up: a 2 ingredient recipe for cough syrup, essential oils for winter health, “Green Friday” sales, Amazon deals for you, and a couple of new series!