Apologia Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

Apologia Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

We love to go on field trips in our family and take every opportunity we can to disappear into nature!  I was super excited to get Apologia Educational Ministries’s new release, Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal, in the mail and start putting it to good use!

The journal includes 3 different sections: Field Trip Pages, Special Spot pages, and As I See It Pages.   There are also explanations on how to use each section, tips for preparing for a field trip, maps, and lots of field trip ideas!   I love that this journal has lots of room to write down memories and observations.

Apologia is committed to producing quality materials and helping us give our kids a great education.  To that end, they included even more BONUS material with the journal!   Check your book for a special code that will give you online access to more goodies.

Last weekend, I was out of town teaching essential oil classes, so Hubby took the kids to the Ft. Worth Nature Center to go exploring.  They missed the turn-off, and ended up in a little neighborhood close by.  As they came around the corner, they spotted this preciousness!!  What a great start to the day!

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From there, they continued to the Nature Center where the kids got to hike a trail (and come back because it was still flooded!), play with animal bones, and watch a hawk eat mice (gross!!!).  Super D drew a map of where the Nature Center was located.  He said he ran out of space because the Center was so far away, lol, so that prompted a discussion about scale in maps and why that’s important!  The journal also had a place for pictures and a great section to practice his writing of what he noticed while he was there.

I love the Special Spot Pages!   We’re getting ready to move to a different city, so we saved this section until we can have a consistent spot to come back to each season.  The idea is to pick one spot outside, and observe what it looks like during the different seasons of the year.   My parents live on 23 acres of wooded land, so we have a great opportunity to pick an interesting spot!

The As I See It Pages offer a great opportunity for the kids to slow down and pay attention to detail!   That can be hard for a busy 8 year old boy to do, so I love the prompting the journal gives.


We have lots more field trips planned, including blueberry picking, campouts, and a trip to the Fair Park Aquarium.   This journal will get a lot of use, and I’m excited to have a fun and creative way to record our experiences.

You can check out more Apologia books here: Apologia Education Ministries, as well as connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +!

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