Advanced Allergy Therapeutics – Visits 2 – 4

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics Visits 2 - 4I promised an update after a few Advanced Allergy Therapeutics visits and here it is!   If you missed the first post where I introduce AAT and the journey we are embarking on, check it out here:  Advanced Allergy Therapeutics – Day 1.

Since my first post, Hubby has had 2 more visits.   At visit #2, Dr. Hassam tested him to see if he was holding the histamine treatment she’d done the week before.  She put the cuff around his arm, and stressed tested him for the histamines.   He didn’t react this time!!   So, they decided to address dust next.   She sent the dust signal into the cuff, and did the accupressure on his back.  Then she re-tested him and he responded well.   During the days between visit #2 and #3, he said he felt a little better, but it wasn’t significant.

At visit #3, she re-tested him for histamines and dust, and he was holding both! Yay!   This time, we decided to tackle trees.  He is allergic to a LOT of trees, and it’s the height of allergy season in our area.  She could only address a portion of the trees this time.   She did the procedure, then re-tested him.  He still reacted to a few trees, so she repeated the procedure for the ones that didn’t “take” the first time.

In the days that have followed, Hubby has shared that he is definitely feeling better!  He is about 50% less congested than normal when he wakes up in the morning.  That is huge for him!

We spent Saturday outside at the park, and he did great, despite that the pollen numbers were at 10.2!

pollen forecast

He has two more appointments this week, so we’ll keep you posted!  We are very optimistic about the progress we are seeing, in less than two weeks time!

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