$15 for a $50 voucher to all-natural store, Abe’s Market from Plum District!

There’s another great special on Plum District today!  You can get a $50 voucher to Abe’s Market for only $15.  Abe’s Market is an online, all-natural grocery store with all kinds of great stuff, including soap nuts!  (You can read about my fabulous experience with soap nuts here.)  Premium products are 25% off through Monday, and shipping is free!

1.  If you’re new to Plum District, sign up through this Plum District link and get your $5 credit.  Then return to this page to get to your deal!

2.  Go to the Abe’s Market deal.  (They currently have over 40 deals to choose from!)

3.  Use code sunday40 to save 40% off your already discounted purchase!

4.  Your voucher will be active in about 48 hours.


Thanks, Mindfully Frugal Mom!