Review: Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth DVD

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I am not a big movie watcher, mostly because I have a terrible time sitting still that long!    I recently had the opportunity to review a movie from called Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth and ya’ll…. it is brilliant.  Just brilliant.  This is the third film in their documentary collection, The Design of Life.

As a family, we LOVE watching nature shows that show the expanse of the world – up to the tops of mountains and into the depths of the oceans.  So many of them are not from a creationism perspective though.  While we normally just overlook the evolution parts, and use it as an opportunity to talk about what we believe from the Word with our kids, it is fabulous to find a video that actively teaches creationism.

Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth was really fun to watch because the quality of the video graphics is excellent!  The colors are gorgeous, and you get to see some great shots of some of my favorite sea creatures – dolphins and sea turtles!!   (We just need sea horses and my underwater world would be complete  :))  I adore the scenes of the baby sea turtles crawling across the beach and swimming in the ocean!   It was filmed in Canada, Bermuda, Polynesia, Mexico, and the United States.

This video has four different sections:

  • A spectacular tour of a dolphin’s internal sonar system.   Read that again slowly.   When have you ever seen that before??  And it was truly spectacular.  I wanted to stop the dvd and watch that section over and over again.   They actually step through HOW the dolphin’s sonar system works.  They showed both real dolphins using their sonar, and computer animated design to demonstrate how it works.  They also explained the difference between some of the types of noises that dolphins make, and how they don’t have vocal cords!
  • The magnetic compass embedded in the head of a sea turtle.  Did you know sea turtles have magnetic compasses in their heads?  I sure didn’t!   This amazing video explains what that compass looks like, and how it works.  Plus you get precious footage of babies.  I am in awe.
  • A Pacific salmon’s amazing sense of smell.  I thought I knew a lot about animals.  I’ve studied animals, and watched plenty of nature shows.  I learned SO MUCH in this video!   Did you know that salmon use SMELL to decide which river they need to swim in to get back to their birthplace?  Nope, neither did I.
  • The power and majestic grace of a humpback whale.  Their vocalizations are among the most complex in the animal kingdom and can be more than half an hour long!   They are often repeated as well!   I never thought of whales as musicians!!   They also step through every part of the whale that would have to change to evolve, and clearly show how that is an “unfathomable” process.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed watching this video.  Super D oohed and ahhed, and asked lots of questions.  I think this would expand perfectly into an entire science unit study!  We could really get into studying each of the different animals, and how their various skills have found applications in modern technology.

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