Review: Captain Absolutely from Focus on the Famliy

Like most moms of homeschool boys, I’m always on the lookout for quality reading material that will hold their interest. It’s not easy to come by!   This new release from Focus On The Family called Captain Absolutely seemed like it would be a hit for my 10 year old Super D.  The cover alone was engaging, as he’s very into super heroes!

 Captain Absolutely

Captain Absolutely is written by Wooten Z. Bassett.  He creates comics for Adventures in Odyssey and this book actually took him 5 years to write and illustrate!  He wrote it two pages at a time for their Clubhouse magazine.

This book took Super D a couple of hours to read.   It’s written in fun comic book style and definitely kept his interest.   I appreciate that it’s focused on worldview!   More and more, we see ways that society is losing its moral compass, and it’s ability to say something, anything is right or wrong.  Relativity (and not Einstein’s theory) has been an issue since Biblical days, and is only growing in strength.   You think it’s ok?  Well, I don’t want to offend you, so it must be ok.   Insert any number of things into that sentence; things that would have horrified us not so long ago.

We are raising a generation who will need to know who they are and be able to stand strong in face of fierce relativism.    Everything is ok as long as you don’t say it’s not.  If you say it’s not, you’re suddenly not entitled to your opinion anymore.  Our kids will need to be strong indeed.   This book from Focus on Family is another tool in our toolbelt to help equip our kids to love and defend truth.  They aim to demonstrate how bad guys mess with our vision and how we can fight back!

The story begins in the library where a computer explosion ignites a new adventure.   Josiah, one of the librarians, lands in a room filled with banned books, including Bibles.  Josiah’s friend, Darren, finds himself in a room full of philosophy books.  Josiah and Darren take very different paths, as they are led and influenced by the material they read.  Captain Absolutely (Josiah) must battle Dr. Relative (Darren) with all sorts of villain and superhero powers, in order to defend the city and its citizens!

We give this read two thumbs up and suggest it as an addition to your library!

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Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}