Preventing Illness – The Mighty Sambucus

Hold on to your hats.

Are you ready for this?

I want to introduce you to Sambucus.  This little berry packs a mighty punch.  A complete cure for the H1N1 flu strain was found within 2-3 days for 90% of the group given Sambucus.   The Journal of International Medical Research reported that 93% of the patients given Sambucus for influenza strains A & B were symptom-free within 2 days.

How does this baby work?  It actually stops virus replication in its tracks.

Sambucus has also been shown to have an immunoprotective effect when given to cancer or AIDS patients.

Rather than wait for the flu or some other nasty virus to try to take over my house, we take Sambucus as an immune-booster.

Sambucus is derived from the elderberry shrub and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years.

My kids even like the taste!   I order mine from Vitacost (for 46% off!), but you can find also find it at Whole Foods, Central Market, other health food stores, and Amazon (for 44% off!).

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