My Story: How I Use Essential Oils for a Fever

Fevers in my babies used to scare me so badly!! When my baby daughter had a bad reaction to a vaccine, her fever climbed high so quickly she had febrile seizures. SO scary!! Alternating Motrin and Ibuprofen wasn’t doing much – we literally prayed her through that night, and I lost count of how often I called the nurse line.

Now, for a normal fever from a sickness, I don’t freak out. The body is doing its job! I want to help support the body as it fights off the sickness, and not suppress the fever. Essential oils are PERFECT to help the body stabilize, and fight off the sickness at the same time!

I love both Young Living lemon and peppermint oils for fevers. I rub them on the bottom of the feet, and the fever usually goes down within a few minutes! I also use Thieves oil, Super C, and NingXia Red to boost our immune systems.

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