I’m an Accidental Oil Tycoon (and You Can Be One Too.)


When we came home from our first year of full-time volunteer ministry in 2013, my dad asked what we were going to do next.  His question pertained to paying the bills.   I joked, “Well, dad, we’re in the oil business!”.   Little did I realize how much that joke would morph into reality.

I had, hesitantly, joined Young Living the year before.  I wasn’t convinced essential oils would actually do anything, but I was willing to give the oils a shot because a naturopath doctor I trusted highly recommended them.   By the next year, I was completely hooked, and telling everyone I knew about oils and about the amazing things we were experiencing with them.

It’s like when you find a new favorite restaurant, or clothing store, or movie.  You tell people!   That’s how I felt about the oils.   I couldn’t shut up about them.  I did try really hard not to be obnoxious.  I quietly persisted with the skeptics, and won most of them over! Even my mother!  I was a skeptic at first too, so I understood!   

Then one lightbulb day, the friend who introduced me to the oils posted about checks she was getting from Young Living for sharing the oils.   She was already earning more than our goal budget for the month.  (The first check I remember seeing was for around 5k!)

My thoughts raced something like this… “I love these oils, and I’m already sharing them.  If I can get paid to do what I’m already doing, why not?”

My next step was to read a book called The Four Year Career.  It explained network marketing, and shared success stories from other Young Living people. Young Living has changed their lives from focusing on their monthly financial needs to financial abundance.  They are now living a life not dictated by the constraints of full time jobs. Everything changed for them in how they spend their time and energy.

Best of all, this income is RESIDUAL.  It comes in every month, and you don’t have to work 40 or 50 or 60 hours a week to earn it.  After a few years of consistent work, it just flows.  The idea of residual income appealed to me a LOT.   I could smell 🙂 financial freedom.   And because I saw friends achieving it, I knew I could do it too.  

Three short years later, in early 2016, I am amazed when I see where God has taken us in our Young Living business.   My husband is “retired”, and home to help raise and homeschool our 3 young kids.  Our income is stable, and well within the platinum ranges on the Income Disclosure chart below.  We are in awe and humbled to now financially support missionaries and our local church with as much as we used to earn in a month.  Serious goodness of God.  

2020 Update: Our business has continued to grow.  Our income is now well within the Diamond range on the IDS chart below!  Such a blessing to us and so many others!!

This is a dream come true for us…and it can be for you too.  

So let’s talk about income potential…  real, live income potential.

It’s considered a little taboo to talk about money, but this info can change your life.

It did mine.  

There are 2,090 real people/families on our team whose lives are being impacted by the business opportunity that Young Living offers.    Most of us didn’t intend to have a business.  We loved the oils, started sharing them, and received a surprise check in the mail.  That will get your attention.


Start here, and then keep reading, because I’ll break these numbers down for you.  Particularly because the tiny print can be difficult to read.    


What kind of a difference would more income make for your family?

Would you… pay off debt?  Go on vacation?  Pay for sports for your child?  Support a ministry?

This next graphic represents OUR team, just a sliver of Young Living, as of October 2017.

Now… Think through this with me…

On the Income Disclosure Statement above, we learned that the average Star makes $79/month!

We have 1511 Stars in Oily Renaissance!

That’s 1511 people who are paying for 79% of their $100 order every month (not to mention that they’re also getting freebies and 10-25% back. If you factor that in, they are making money, even after their monthly order!)

The average Sr. Star makes $255/month!

Oily Renaissance has 329 Sr. Stars!

That’s 329 people who are covering the cost of their monthly order and paying their electric bill every month!

$549/month is the average Executive income!

We had 175 Executives last month!

That’s 175 people who are able to cover their monthly order and make a car payment! Or sponsor a few children in Ecuador! Or plan an annual vacation!

The average Silver earns $2,221/month!

We have 60 Silvers in Oily Renaissance!   That’s 60 people who are starting to dream of the possibilities. 60 families wondering if there is a better way than working full time…

Golds earn an average of $6,042/month!

Oily Renaissance has 9 of those too!

A Gold has replaced an income! A gold can give freely, forego work outside the home, yet  provide generously for their family.

$14,710/month! That’s what the average Platinum makes!

We have 4 – FOUR!

A Platinum is someone who is experiencing true freedom! They have broken out of the oppressive cycle of working to cover basic needs. There is time and money for travel. Because of the impact, charitable giving brings such joy to the giver.

Let me recap: Time – Money – JOY.

$38,750/month! That’s what the average Diamond makes!

We have 2, and several more people who are getting close!

At Diamond, the sky is truly the limit!   Diamonds experience new levels of freedom with their time and their finances.  They can significantly impact ministries and charities. What many families earn in an entire YEAR can be banked in ONE MONTH!

This is real! Pinch me.

This is happening for us, our friends, and it can happen for YOU.

This is 2090 people/families whose lives are being impacted from this amazing opportunity.  Oily Renaissance has only existed for a little over 4 years! Imagine where we’ll be in 3, 5, or 10 more years!

Are your wheels turning?   Where do you want to be? How can we help you get there?

I spend the bulk of my Young Living time coaching people who are building a business.  Whether their goal is to get their oils paid for, to replace an income, or to go Royal Crown Diamond, all the leaders within Oily Renaissance are here to help!

If you’re curious and want to know more, or you’re ready to jump in with both feet,

Send me an email or message me on Facebook and let’s get going!