How to Never Vacuum Again

how to never vacuum again
Did you read the title and think, “Right.  That’ll never be possible!”?   Read on, my friends!   Susan Count has some great advice for you!

My house has never been cleaner!   I’m vacuuming like a maniac and I love it! You should see my edges and corners; I even get under things. The best part is that literally happens WITHOUT me.

I’ve longed for a Roomba for years. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? The 650 model is the same price as any run of the mill upright. My old vacuum? It sits in a closet – plugged in. I take the dustbin in there and let my old vacuum clean her out.

I’ve named her Cinderella.

She is programmed to vacuum my kitchen and living room EVERY day. When she is not already busy, I pick her up and take her to a different room and shut her in. She never whines or complains. When she gets hung up on our Lazyboy, she politely say “please move me to a new location” just like a prim and proper downstairs maid.

But she has skills Roomba probably doesn’t even know about. In her dustbin, my Cinderella trapped a supersized Texas roach and embalmed it in lint.

I hear Cinderella has a sister that mops!

The reviews on Roombas used to be terrible.  But times have changed!  The models have kept getting better and better!   Amazon Moms rated it 5 stars, and the general reviews are 4.5 stars.  You can read them here:  iRobot Roomba 650 reviews

My husband loves her too. I went to a writer’s conference this weekend, and he had the house all vacuumed up when I got home – thanks to Cinderella!

Are you ready for Cinderella? Get her here: iRobot Roomba 650. She’s eligible for Prime Shipping too! (I recommend an older model because it works GREAT, and it’s several hundred dollars less than the newest version). It’s also the #1 best seller in Robotic Vacuums. Way to go, slightly older model. 🙂

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