{Handmade Gifts} Foaming Hand Soap!

I try to be a thoughtful gift giver.  Part of it is being thrifty; part of it is loving the people I give gifts to – I don’t want to waste money and get them something they won’t like or use!

So I love this simple gift – homemade foaming hand soap!  It smells great, is simple to make, everyone needs it, and it’s much healthier than the common soap junk you can find in the store!

I found Dial soap containers at Target for $1.84 each.  I emptied out the contents, and filled it with a Foaming Hand Soap recipe!    Decorating it was the most challenging part for me, since I am not crafty!  After asking around on facebook and looking at pinterest, I made my own bow!!   (Crafts are not my thing, obviously. 🙂 ) The recipients are also going to receive a refill jar (a mason jar filled with more soap!).

Foaming Hand Soap Recipe
2 TB Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap
Warm water
8 – 10 drops Thieves Essential Oil

Mix together and you’re done!

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  • Niki Slovacek

    Love the organic Hand Soap idea!! If you have time could you email me a good place to purchase the ingredients?! I may make this and take it to my kids school… As sell as for gifts!! 😉

    • Sarah

      Hi Niki!
      You can find Dr. Bronner’s and the essential oils in a health food store. I got the bottles in Target. You can also order the ingredients online from Vitacost.com. I’m glad you like it!