Get a Free Eye Shadow When You Join Young Living!

Non-toxic makeup that is good for your skin AND looks beautiful is almost impossible to find! Until Young Living, that is!

For a limited time, you can get a free Savvy Minerals eye shadow when you join Young Living! You can get an essential oils starter kit (amazing!!) OR you can build your own starter kit with Savvy Minerals makeup!!

If you want to get an essential oils starter kit and a free eye shadow, click here to learn more! Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit. (Send me an email at after you order your kit, and I’ll get your free eye shadow sent to you!)

The ingredients in Savvy Minerals are amazing.  The European manufacturing company (who produces makeup for tons of companies) told Young Living that they have NEVER seen such strict standards for ingredients.   Oh yeah. 🙂

The Savvy Minerals makeup line currently includes foundation, misting spray, blush, bronzer, eye shadows, lip gloss, lipstick, a veil, and mascara.    There are lots of different color choices too!




You can build your own YL Savvy Minerals makeup kit by following this link:  Get Started

  1. Then, pick the wholesale member option so you get the best prices.
  2. Be sure the sponsor id and enroller id says “1325257”  Then I can give you the freebies!
  3. Then, click on the tab on the next page that says Basic Kits.  Choose the Basic Starter Kit.
  4. To earn points back and get a free oil, click the green box under Step 2 that say Customize Your Kit.   (This is optional and you can cancel anytime.)  Then do a search for Savvy Minerals!  
  5. You can also just keep scrolling down and click Add More Products.  Now, search for Savvy Minerals and have fun picking out what you want!   Choose at least 100pv worth of makeup so I can send you your free eye shadow!!


I also have a super fun educational Facebook group that I’ll send you an invite to, where we share recipes, usage ideas, and answer your how-to questions!   No oil user left behind! 🙂 🙂


5.  If you’d like to get EVEN MORE FREEbies, then check out this graphic on more free oils that Young Living is offering this month!   Just pick out a few more things to add to your cart and Young Living will automatically add your freebies!    Some of my favorites include the Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves oil, Lavender oil, Super C, NingXia Red, and the Thieves Laundry Soap!)

7. Complete your order!   Then, I will send you your free eye shadow and your materials and I will also add you to our Oily Renaissance Essential Oils Education Facebook group where you can meet over 1000 other essential oils users, glean from their experience, and share yours!

8. Contact me if you have any questions AND tell me what color eye shadow you want!