Combating Mold Naturally

During the cleanup process from our house taking on floodwater, we started following the typical steps of what you are supposed to do to prevent/combat mold. At the hardware store, the employee started telling us about a product we should be using. He said, “When you use this, you will need to remove all of your animals from the house as this anti-mold product can kill them.”

WHAT?!? Of course, we chose not to get that product and went back to the drawing board and dove into research.

I discovered a man named Dr. Edward Close, who has a Ph.D. and has been working in mold remediation for 35 years.

Dr. Close’s wife had talked him into diffusing Thieves oil in a home where they had previously tried to use anti-mold products that didn’t work.

You have to hear the results they had from diffusing Thieves oil in a room with 75,000 mold spore (per cubic feet)! I lay out all the details, including specific steps we took, in my video below.