• Simple Ways To Use Vitality Essential Oils

    See the white Vitality label on that bottle in the picture? Young Living has made it super easy for us to know which oils work well internally. Just look for the Vitality label, and you’ll know it’s a great pick for your water, a capsule, or your favorite recipe! Some oils have both regular labels and Vitality labels. Regular solid color bottle labels explain how to use the oil topically and/or aromatically. Vitality labels explain how to use the oil internally. Same oil. Different label. We love to cook with our Vitality oils! Here are a few of my go-to recipes that use Vitality essential oils. Flavored Popcorn Air pop…

  • Homemade Gummy Bears

    My friend Carrie found that she was craving gelatin while her broken wrist was healing.  She made this great gummy recipe and loved it so much she wanted to share it with all of you!   Enjoy!!   Gummy Recipe Before beginning, determine how much liquid you need to fill a tray of gummy molds. I used these molds and each mold needed 1/3 cup liquid, which was perfect! Makes 150 gummy bears (using molds at link above) Ingredients 1 cup 100% fruit juice (white grape or apple take other flavors well) 3 Tbsp gelatin (everyone recommended Great Lakes Unflavored Beef Gelatin – orange can) 1 Tbsp honey or the equivalent of your…

  • Bone Broth For Busy Mamas

    Bone Broth For Busy Mamas Guest writer Susan Count joins us today to share about her super simple way of making a kitchen staple, bone broth!   Don’t throw that bone to the dogs! In that bone is ‘superfood – super nutrition”. Use your crockpot to make a bone broth that will nourish your cells like nothing else. Why bother? Bother because you know that farming practices have depleted the minerals in our soils so we need to be deliberate about supplying them to our body. This is especially true if we have any degenerative or auto immune diseases. Make your own broth and you won’t get the “natural flavor”- cough-cough of MSG or…

  • Husband Food – Meal Plan #2

    When my husband decided to marry me, he sure didn’t pick me because of my culinary skills. So, it makes me super excited when I can put together a meal that he really enjoys.   This week, that happened not once, but TWICE. Score! Awesome and SUPER EASY Meal #1 Pulled Pork (in the crock pot!)   I LOVED how simple this was!  I made it for Sunday lunch, it’s lasted for several meals, and we still have pork left over!   Chris cut up the onions for me.  (Maybe one day I’ll post a pic of how I cut up onions.  It involves me wearing my 7 yr old…

  • How To Make Awesome Homemade Mayo!

    Check out my latest recipe, posted over at Surviving the Stores, and learn how to make easy and super yummy mayo!  You’ll never want to buy it at the store again! Homemade Mayonnaise: How to Make Mayo At Home! Pin It

  • Homemade Peanut Butter In 3 Minutes Or Less!

    I’ve started making my own peanut butter at home.  I LOVE how quick and easy it is, not to mention better for you!  Click on over to Surviving the Stores to see my guest post explaining exactly how to do it! How To Make Homemade Peanut Butter In 3 Minutes Or Less!

  • Recipe: Peppermint Chocolate Chip Brownies

    It’s brownie time!  I LOVE these brownies!  They are my go-to recipe for a sweet treat for the essential oils classes that I teach, and they’re extra fun because of the peppermint oil.  Hop over to the Grain Mill Wagon for the recipe I share there: Peppermint Chocolate Chip Brownies Pin It

  • Yay for Baked Chocolate Donuts!! New Recipe!

    I love chocolate donuts.  I read the ingredient label at the ones in the store, when I’m tempted, and just set them back on the shelf.  No such problem here!  Enjoy this recipe for good-ingredient yumminess!  (Is that word?)  Click over to the Grain Mill Wagon for the full recipe!  (I’m participating in their recipe challenge.)

  • Recipe: Petite Vanilla Scones

    I love picking up a petite vanilla scone at Starbucks as the occasional treat, and decided to play with creating a slightly healthier version, not to mention cheaper! I’m really happy with how it turned out.   Check out the Petite Vanilla Scones recipe, posted as part of the WonderMill Grain Mill Wagon Challenge and made with freshly milled flour! Also shared at Tasty Tuesday!