Advanced Allergy Therapeutics – Results!

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics: Results!When we started our journey with Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, we did it as an experiment.   Friends of ours had experienced good results, and we wanted to give it a try.   Chris received treatment 10 or 11 times (I lost count), and I wanted to share our overall conclusion today.

We LOVED IT!   Actually, we love how much it’s helped him.   He is doing remarkably better.  His symptoms aren’t 100% gone, but his quality of life has drastically improved.   He has more energy, and wakes up much less congested.   I also like that he doesn’t have to go get treatments forever and ever.  We did the treatments and I think we’re done!   He’s a happy camper and we would definitely recommend AAT if you’re looking for a natural way to address allergies.

We also received an unexpected blessing!  We are part of Samaritan’s ministries, a health-sharing network for our health care needs.  Because Chris’ allergies intensified when we moved in December, they have covered his treatments!!  Woohoo!

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If you’d like to find a practitioner in your area, visit their website!

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