Making the Hard Food Choices

Choosing to eat healthy can be hard.  That’s why we call it CHOOSING. I could choose to eat the junk food I used to love, or I could choose to eat something that will actually nourish my body.

For me, the two hardest things to let go of were Oreo cookies and Cokes.  The Oreos went about a year ago… after tasting cookies made from higher quality ingredients and realizing what is IN the Oreos, they were easy to let go.

Cokes were harder.  Much harder.  Even though I knew how bad all the sugar was for me, and how it really was rotting my bones just like my mom told me as a kid, I still liked it.

Then I started to notice sometimes that my hands would shake a little bit when I typed on the computer.  That was kind of a pain and a bit worrisome.  I eventually put two and two together and realized that drinking Coke = shaky hands.  Not good.

Now I drink tea.  and lots more water.  It’s not so bad, after all.

What’s the hardest thing for you to give up, even though you know you probably should?