Vaccine update

I am so thankful for the living, active voice of God today.  Praise God that He did not stop speaking to His people when the New Testament was completed.  Oh how we need His voice today!

Some of you may remember reading my blog post back in August about vaccines.  The Holy
Spirit prompted that we were supposed to wait on her 6 month shots and so we did, giving her the dTap two weeks ago at 10 months, and the hib and prevnar yesterday that normally would have been giving with others at the 6 month visit.

Two weeks ago, she had a mild reaction to the dTap, but nothing too concerning.  She still has a little lump in her leg from the aluminum buildup (according to the dr).  Yuck.

Last night, however, was decently scary.  She had a low grade temp when she went to bed so I gave her some Motrin.  At 4:30, she woke up screeching with a 103.3 temp and occasional seizures.  She was not consolable for quite a while.  She finally fell back asleep about 6:30.  Poor baby!   We prayed over her a lot, God showed Himself once again as Emmanual, and I am thankful that her fever is mild today and that she’s eating, playing, and “talking” just like normal.  She’s exhausted though!

I am so thankful that we spaced out her shots – she’s 4 months older now, and she only received a couple shots at a time.

Please pray for complete healing for her!  (And for her mommy and daddy to catch up on sleep soon!)