My Story: How I Use Essential Oils for Sinus Infections

Sinus infections – I used to just go to the doctor and get a Z-pack. Now I’ve learned about the damage that repeated antibiotic use causes and I’m so thrilled that I can use essential oils instead. I haven’t had an antibiotic since I got my oils kit in 2012!!

What do I do for sinus infections?? Young Living’s blend called R.C. is my secret weapon!! I put it in the diffuser, and I also put it on my gums. When I’m really motivated to get rid of it, I use this protocol:

Sinus Infection Protocol:
1 drop of RC on my gums every minute for 5 minutes
Then, every 5 minutes for an hour
Then, every hour for the rest of the day

I use that regimen along with NingXia Red, Thieves oil, and Super C, and the infection clears up quickly!

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