My Story: How I Use Essential Oils for Colds

Oh, the cold. When I come down with one, I want it over as soon as possible! My first round of defense, and one that often nips it in the bud, is Thieves tea!! I love Thieves tea because it’s easy to make, super portable, and highly effective!! It endeared itself to me on my overseas travels. When I’m overseas, I don’t want to waste a minute being sick!! Both times I’ve traveled overseas in the last couple of years, I’ve gotten a cold. Thanks to Thieves tea, oils, and YL supplements, I kicked the colds in just two days!!

Thieves tea: Heat water to drinking temperature. Add raw honey to taste, and 2ish drops of Young Living Thieves oil. Stir and enjoy! I get honey packets from the grocery store so I can make Thieves tea when I’m not at home. 🙂

Oils I use for colds: Thieves, of course! R.C. for my sinuses – I rub R.C. over my sinuses, or put a drop directly on my gums. I use Raven for coughs by putting it on my chest, or in my diffuser.

I also use Thieves cough drops, Super C, Inner Defense, and lots of NingXia Red!! Cold be-gone!!

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